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Profile of Fred Neff

Fred Neff Profile

Minneapolis attorney Fred Neff is a practicing lawyer with over thirty years of experience who is licensed to practice law in Minnesota, Wisconsin and North Dakota. He has served as an investigator, prosecutor, and private lawyer handling both criminal and civil litigation. In the past, as a lawyer Fred Neff has participated on the Public Defenders Conflict Panel, Juvenile Justice Panel and Bar Association Committees in Hennepin County, Minnesota. Attorney Fred Neff has handled complex litigation in various jurisdictions around the United States. Some of the large legal cases Fred Neff has been involved in as a lawyer were anti-trust, Federal multi-district litigation, wrongful death and discrimination allegations of large groups of claimants. As a lawyer Fred Neff has handled many claims of wrongful discrimination and violation of constitutional rights of injured people. He has served on the Board of Directors of a prominent Insurance Company that is listed on the New York stock exchange and as a lawyer he has extensive experience representing executives and managers. Fred Neff has acted as the lawyer for licensed investment professionals, license insurance professionals and bankers. He also has extensive experience as a lawyer representing injured consumers on their investment fraud claims. Attorney Fred Neff has also represented many different types of entities including a branch of an international Church, business organizations and numerous members of various unions.

Attorney Fred Neff was the co-host of the television program Great Puzzles in History from 1989-1991 that resulted in his receiving commendation awards. As a result of the interest the program generated two books were subsequently published Great Puzzles in History and Mysterious Persons of the Past. Fred Neff has also written seventeen other books that have been published.

Fred Neff has received many awards for his accomplishments and community involvement including the City of St.Paul Citizen of the Month Award in 1975, a commendations for Distinguished Service from the Sibley County Attorney’s office in 1980, the WCCO Good Neighbor Award in 1985, the HLS Justice Award for Lawyers in 1985, the Lamp of Knowledge Award from the T.C.L. Guild in 1986, Creative Thinker Award for Lawyers in 1986, Honors Certificate For Authors-Children’s Reading Roundtable Of Chicago 1988, commendation awards from N.W. Community T.V. 1989,1990, & 1991, the Presidential Medal of Merit Award in 1990, the Wisdom Award in 1998, Ronald Reagan Gold Medal 2004.

Attorney Fred Neff has had his biography in reference books including Who’s Who in America, Who’s Who in The World, Who’s Who in American Law, Who’s Who In The Midwest, Who’s Who in Finance and Business, and Who’s Who in Society.

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